In Praise of Slowness

Posted by Tom on 2007-03-16

I had to create a new category for this post – ‘Off Topic’. Hope you don’t mind but I just had to share this with anyone that’s listening. Everyone in the Western world needs to watch this video. Twice. No, Really.

Once upon a time, a book of “One-Minute Bedtime Stories” provided the wake-up call for Carl Honore, who considered time efficiency to be more important than reading to his son. He realized that he was speeding his way through life to the detriment of his health, productivity and relationships. As in his book, “In Praise of Slowness”, Honore shares examples of how we can make more of life by doing less and getting in touch with our “inner tortoise.” (Recorded July 2005 in Oxford, UK. Duration: 20:00)

Watch video

(I just got a link from a friend recommending the TED Talks and this was the first one I watched – looks like a gold mine!)