Posted by Tom on 2007-03-15

Any of you Ruby folk taken a look over the fence into Python land and seen Kid templates?

They call it an “attribute language” because unlike DRYML, there are smart attributes rather than smart tags. e.g. from their docs:

<p py:if="system() == 'Linux'">
  Good for you!

When you’ve stopped sniggering about those empty brackets, you might agree that it’s rather elegant and compact – particularly for this specific example: a conditional.

Over in the forums we’ve been chatting about how all the if_this, if_that tags in DRYML are kinda icky. I’m wondering about supporting this style just for if. Something like

<p if="logged_in?">Logged in as <display_name obj="#current_user"/></p>

Is that just too inconsistent when everything else is done with tags? How about the else? Whadayathink?

p.s. I was going to post this in the forums, but I thought I’d give this way a try. Let me know if you think this is noise in the context of the blog.

So that’s two questions for you. I just put a fresh pad of blank comments in the server so knock yourself out.