Hobo 0.4.3

Posted by Tom on 2007-01-26

May we present, for your pleasure, Hobo version 0.4.3

Let’s see… what to tell you about the new stuff? There’s a nice little DSL for integration tests. Most of the goodness is already there with Rails (See Jamis Buck’s blog post). I’ve just added a few convenient methods for testing basic stuff like creating and viewing objects. Here’s a snippet from a test of the POD demo:

def test_user_creating
  	  fred = fred_session
  new_ad = fred.creates_and_visits(Advert, 
	                               :title => "my car",
	                               :body => "is a nice car",
	                               :category => cars)
  fred.sees new_ad.title
  fred.sees new_ad.body

  fred.cant_create(User, :username => "Jim")
                   :name => "small furry creatures")

Neat eh?