Hobo development site

Posted by Tom on 2007-01-08

It’s really tremendous news that we’re starting to get a bit of a community feel going. We’ve had a fix for sqlite, a little rakefile contributed to handle rdoc, plus some syntax fixes for that. We’ve had the first proper code contribution from simondo. And we’ve even had our first discussion thread where the question answerer was not me :-) Not to mention a ton of ideas and suggestions. A very big thank-you indeed to you all!

Not to mention more than 5,000 visitors to the site in this first week of January.

So to kick-off the community involvement, I’ve put the development site together at dev.hobocentral.net.

I’ve got a text-file where I’ve been keeping notes of things that need fixing / extending, and questions that need answering, and I’ve started posting tickets for these. I’ve just done the first 17. I think there’ll be about 50 all together, and that’s just for starters of course.

I’m using trac so there’s a wiki too, although I dislike the wiki-markup. I’m trying to figure out how to get it to use Markdown – if anyone can help with that I’d much appreciate it.