Hobo Released!

Posted by Tom on 2006-12-22

And there’s even a screencast :-) This is an early beta - version 0.4.0 You are NOT recommended to use this in an application on the open Internet. You are strongly recommended to play around with it!

What is Hobo?

  • Hobo extends Rails is a number of ways, to let you build full blown web applications very quickly and easily.

  • Hobo lets you add dynamic Ajax interfaces to your application with no extra programming.

  • Hobo gives your application switchable themes, so you can have an elegant design right out of the box.

Who is it for?

  • Hobo can speed up the creation of rich, complex web applications as well as simple internal apps and rapid prototypes.

  • Hobo is a great way for newcomers to Ruby on Rails to learn and practice agile, iterative application development.

Getting Hobo

Note Hobo requires Rails 1.2 RC1, which you can install like this:

gem install rails --source http://gems.rubyonrails.org -y

You should read the status page before downloading Hobo.

Hobo is distributed in two forms, a gem and a plugin (svn repo).

Hobo Gem

The gem is ideal for trying out Hobo with a new app. It gives you a single command:

$ hobo <app-name>

It works just like the rails command, creating a blank Rails application pre-configured for Hobo. First download the gem:


$ gem install hobo-0.4.0.gem

(Sorry folks we’ve not got our Rubyforge stuff together as yet)

Hobo plugin

If you want to add Hobo to an existing application, first do:

$ ./script/plugin install svn://hobocentral.net/hobo/trunk
$ ./script/generate hobo

Then there are a few optional steps, depending on which Hobo features you’re after. In the screencast you’ve seen:

Hobo Rapid and the default theme:

$ ./script/generate hobo_rapid

Hobo’s user model:

$ ./script/generate hobo_model user
$ ./script/generate hobo_front_controller front

More documentation will follow!

Hobo is distributed under the terms of the MIT licesne.