Posted by Tom on 2006-12-22

Download complete Hobo demo applications, and watch them being created in the screencasts. All the demos require Rails 1.2

The demos are standard Rails apps. To run them

  • Download and unpack the demo archive

  • Create the database, e.g.

    $ mysqladmin create pod_development

    (look in config/database.yml for the name of the database you need to create)

  • To create the required tables, open a terminal in the demo’s main directory, and:

    $ rake db:migrate

  • Run the development server

    $ ruby script/server

  • Point your browser at http://localhost:3000

POD Demo

POD is a simple classified advertising application, created using Hobo and Rails in just five minutes.

  • You can watch the the development of POD via the screencasts page


  • Pod Demo - Introduction to Hobo: zip
  • Pod Demo - Page Customisation: zip
  • Pod Demo - Replacing the Theme: zip

(Note that the third demo (stylevantage) is massively incomplete and broken in many places. It is included just for information purposes)

To-Do List Demo

No screencast, but some discussion of the permissions in this post

  • Download ToDo: zip