Get Started

Posted by Tom on 2006-11-13

Hobo is beta software - version 0.8.3 Although Hobo is in active use in production applications, please be aware that if you choose to deploy a Hobo/Rails application on the Internet you do so at your own risk.

Also note that at this stage we reserve the right to make breaking changes to the API.

Getting Hobo

Hobo is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

PLEASE NOTE Hobo currently requires Rails 2.1

It’s a good idea to have a quick read of the status page before downloading.

You can find the Hobo Manual on the Docs Page.

Hobo is distributed in two forms, a gem and a plugin (svn repo).

Hobo Gem

The gem is ideal for trying out Hobo with a new app. It gives you a single command:

$ hobo <app-name>

It works just like the rails command, creating a blank Rails application pre-configured for Hobo.

To install, simply

    $ gem install hobo

Hobo plugin

If you want to add Hobo to an existing application, first do:

$ ./script/plugin install svn://
$ ./script/generate hobo --add-routes

(the flag tells tells the generator to modify your config/routes.rb)

Then there are a few optional steps, depending on which Hobo features you’re after. In the screencast you’ve seen:

Hobo Rapid and the default theme:

$ ./script/generate hobo_rapid --import-tags

(the flag tells the generator to add some necessary tags to your application.dryml)

Hobo’s user model:

$ ./script/generate hobo_user_model user
$ ./script/generate hobo_front_controller front --add-routes --delete-index

(the flags tell the generator to add some new routes to config/routes.rb and to delete public/index.html so the front page will work)

Learning Hobo

Please now head over to the documentation page!