Hobo Bootstrap Ui

Additional UI tags for the hobo_bootstrap theme. Some of these tags are wrappers for the bootstrap javascript components. Others are useful tags that are built on top of those javascript components. It pulls in the bootstrap-datepicker-rails gem, and can augment or replace the hobo_jquery_ui theme.


rails generate hobo:install_plugin hobo_bootstrap_ui git://github.com/Hobo/hobo_bootstrap_ui.git


Tag documentation

Versus hobo_jquery_ui

You can use hobo_bootstrap_ui instead of hobo_jquery_ui if you don’t mind the loss of tags such as <sortable-collection>.

Alternatively, hobo_bootstrap_ui and hobo_jquery_ui may both be used in the same Hobo application. In the case of overlap, the plugin loaded last will be used. Both plugins provide implementations of <search-results-container>, <name-one> and <input for="Date">. Both plugins have these tags available with non-shadowed names: <name-one-bootstrap> and <bootstrap-datepicker> for this gem.

If you use hobo_bootstrap_ui without hobo_jquery_ui, you can also remove jQuery-UI from your app/assets/javascripts/application.js as well as associated stylesheets. If you do this you will lose the ability to position the AJAX spinner and to use hide and show effects during part AJAX.

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